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Steps you can take to save on food:

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Take advantage of employer-provided meals — If your employer provides meals for you, use them! This is a very generous benefit that reduces your expenses and time spent preparing meals.

Dine out less — It's perfectly fine to dine out occasionally. But if you're doing it on a daily basis, it will quickly become one of your biggest expenses. Not only that, there's a much cheaper alternative: prepare your own food at home. Shopping at a budget grocery store (such as Trader Joe's or Aldi's) is a great way to save money. Set a goal for yourself, what's the maximum number of times you'll eat out per month? Can you restrict dining out to only social events and special occasions?

Meal prep — Perhaps the best way to save money on food is by meal prepping. Every Sunday, spend a few hours preparing your meals for the entire week. Not only does this save money, it's usually a healthier option if you pick good recipes.

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