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Remote work lets you save money by giving you the freedom to move. You can earn a high salary while working in a lower cost of living city. Or you could move to a state with lower taxes. Even if you can't move, remote work still knocks off transportation costs and commuting time.

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Planning a Career — Remote work is getting more popular, especially as a software engineer. It will be more competitive finding a remote job, since you'll be competing with a larger pool of candidates. A common career strategy is to start out at a technology hub (Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, etc...), where your starting salary is high to reflect cost of living and competition. Then after a few years, finding remote work (with a comparable salary) and moving to a lower cost of living city.

Geoarbitrage — This involves moving to a city with lower cost of living while retaining your high income. This significantly increases your savings rate and accelerates time to financial independence. It's especially useful to avoid high property costs of cities like San Francisco or New York. Note that what matters most is net savings. It may not be worth moving if your income decreases more than the amount you'll save.

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